Hey there! My name is Gordon Fontenot, and I’m a software developer living in Austin, Texas.

I’m currently working at thoughtbot, where I serve as the Mobile Development Director. This is a fancy-sounding title that means I write a bunch of iOS apps and manage thoughtbot’s distributed mobile team.

At work I write a lot of Swift, and occasionally some Objective-C. I’ve also been enjoying React Native recently, and have spent a bunch of time exploring Phoenix and Elixir for web development.

In my spare time, I like to play around with Haskell because talking about monads makes me sound smarter than I actually am. This website, in fact, is generated using Hakyll, which is a static site generator written in Haskell.

I’ve been fairly involved with the iOS open source community over the years. Most notably, I’m a core maintainer for Argo, a functional JSON parser for Swift that was heavily influenced by Aeson in Haskell and was itself the inspiration for a number of libraries in the Swift JSON parsing space. I’m also pretty proud of Runes, Curry, and Swish.

I also try to do my personal work in the open when I can. One of my pet projects is my personal microblog, which is written in Haskell using Yesod. I have also been working on reflow, a Haskell tool for reflowing plain text with specific enhancements for dealing with emails. Finally, I’ve put a decent amount of work into my vim-xcode plugin, which is my attempt to escape the confines of Xcode in favor of Vim when doing iOS development.

I root for the Houston Astros, and lift heavy weights at CrossFit South Lamar