StrongLifts Week Eight

Things are heating up. I’m now 10lbs under what I started with as my 5 rep max for Squat. Still haven’t failed a rep. That’s almost certainly coming soon, though. The squats, and OH Press specifically are getting really spicy. I’ll hit 145 (full plates) on the OH Press tomorrow, actually, which will be a significant milestone.

Notice that I jumped 10lbs on squat between Wed and Sat, instead of the normal 5. That’s because I was at a new gym over Thanksgiving break, and could not for the life of me find 2.5lb plates. Finally found them because I wasn’t willing to jump that much for OH Press. One was on a random machine, and another was under a machine on the other side of the room. When I got home, I looked up how much a pair of 2.5lb plates from Rogue would cost. Seems like it might be worth the $8.