StrongLifts Week Four

A little late, but week 4 of StrongLifts. Finally got all of the lifts over 100lbs, and finally hit 2 plates on deadlift:

Last time, I said that I was worried that I was “too strong” for this program, which was both fairly arrogant, and also incorrect. My concern isn’t my strength, it’s that I’m outside of the “beginners gains” time frame. StrongLifts adds 5 lbs to each exercise every time you do it, which is an insanely fast progression. The weights are still light enough that it’s not hurting me yet, but I’m concerned about hitting a wall towards the end of the month. We’ll see though.

At the very least, it’s fun doing an actual structured program for once, and it’s great getting this much volume in, which wasn’t the case in CrossFit.