StrongLifts Week Six

Crossed the 1/2 way point in StrongLifts on Sat.

Figured this would be a good point to figure out where I am.

When I started, I calculated my 5 rep max for each lift (Based on ~ 85% of my 1 rep max) as the following:

  • Squat: 250lbs (Based on 300lb)
  • Bench: 230lbs (Based on 250lb)
  • Row: 190lbs (Based on 225b)
  • Overhead Press: 150lbs (Based on 175lbs)
  • Deadlift: 370lbs (Based on 435lbs)

That means as of Saturday, I’m working at the following percentages of my original 5RM:

  • Squat: 84%
  • Bench: 67%
  • Row: 71%
  • Overhead Press: 76%
  • Deadlift: 71%

This is totally in line with how I feel with these lifts. My squat is harder than the others by far, while the bench is the easiest.

If I’m able to continue this linear progression (doubtful), where would my working reps and estimated 1RM be in another 6 weeks? Squat and deadlift add 30lbs every 2 weeks, while all of the other lifts add 15:

  • Squat: 300lbs working, 353lb estimated 1RM (53lb improvement)
  • Bench: 200lbs working, 235lb estimated 1RM (15lb loss)
  • Row: 180lbs working, 211lb estimated 1RM (14lb loss)
  • Overhead Press: 160lbs working, 188lb estimated 1RM (13lb improvement)
  • Deadlift: 355lbs, 417lb estimated 1RM (18lb loss)

This isn’t totally accurate, since this math is pretty much bullshit, and a 5x5 working weight isn’t quite the same thing as a 5 rep max, but it’s interesting that most of these weights don’t ever even hit my previous maxes. Hard to tell if this means I should have started heavier for these lifts, or if I started too heavy on the squats and the OH press.